Monday, January 26, 2009 other words, "Baby, You Stank."

Baby, You Stank.

That's what he's really saying. His eyes are set, his collar is turned up and he ain't smiling. In fact, she must really stink because look closely: He's dressed for cooler weather. Which means she also has a coat on, too. And yet he can still smell her. So they're walking to the store, or coming out of the furniture shop and he turns to her all of a sudden and drops the bomb.

Trouble is, it's an ad for Ban Roll-On. So Brother, if she uses it, she's still going to stank.


Gaylon said...

i'm dying laughing.....cold weather and can still smell....but better yet....whoever uses ban roll gotta pray for them! we learned our lesson right? right? lee...please don't tell me you still use ban! :)

Manumitted Negro said...

Oh no. I used Ban once when I was 14 and played a game of basketball...lesson learned!