Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ebony Magazine Fashions, 1970

Ebony Magazine, 1970

We bring a little style to the Soul Closet today with these offerings from the early 1970s pages of Ebony magazine. We begin with the above outfit, worn by the wife of a prominent Ohio businessman, according to the caption. It doesn't say what kind of business he was in, but my guess? Fur trapper.

The Liberated Look: 1970

The caption for the above outfit said, "The hip, together, modern woman definitely intends to do her own thing.." This is a design by Maurice Rentner and features "the hippest of beige felt hats and beige above the knee boots that are just too much!" Rentner died in 1958 and his design house later merged with that of his sister and in late 1970 became better known as Bill Blass.

The Liberated Look: 1970

The original caption said this Pauline Trigere design is "a freedom loving black coat with plaid color squares." Power to the people.

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