Friday, July 27, 2007

Lisa Fischer

The 1990s were a blur to me. I was climbing the ladder, careerwise; got married, had four kids--so I was a little distracted. So clue me in because I missed it: How did singer Lisa Fischer NOT become a big star, given her considerable talents? I was listening to tracks from her 1991 album (the slow-burn she does on "Chain of Broken Hearts" is among the best recorded performances of the decade), which drove me to Google to find out what happened to her. She's still alive--one has to ask, these days--and tours with Tina Turner. And she does studio work. All of that is beautiful, but I do wish that face and that voice had the exposure it deserves.

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Anonymous said...

How can you ask that question... timing.

The ultimate smoky contralto SADE released LOVE DELUXE in 1992, and Lisa Fischer came off like a bootleg version of the original.

If she had hooked up with a power producer ala TONI BRAXTON who hit in 1993 with the self titled TONI BRAXTON followed by SECRETS... both of which got grammy nods and wins.

Or perhaps gone with a different genre like CASANDRA WILSON did with BLUE LIGHT TIL DAWN to be followed by NEW MOONS DAUGHTER... bringing something both fresh and commercial to the scene.

Reflecting on the 90’s there were other women with better voices and more personality who dominated the scene.

Lisa was good as a stand alone but considering the field she was just aw-right ~W