Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bill Cosby is Right

I've been really into Bill Cosby as of late , particularly the stuff he did during the height of his first phase of fame--those years after the 1960s tv show "I Spy" ended. His 1969-1971 "Bill Cosby Show," in which he played coach Chet Kincaid, is on DVD now and is a revelation: a black male character who is a funny, three-dimensional man, rather than a childish buffoon. The show's wit, humor and sophistication makes it more akin to the old "Mary Tyler Moore Show" than the broadly-played black sitcoms that would premiere later in the decade. Cos' didn't cheap out his fame by doing the quick, the easy and stereotypical, but used his popularity to create TV that made us laugh and think....which brings us to the subject of today's post, a clip from a Cosby television special, "A Boy Like Me."

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