Friday, August 7, 2009

Forgotten Jam Friday

It's Friday--finally--here in the Soul Closet. Time to dig in the crates for some old skool jams that you might not often hear. We kick off with the 12" version of "All Night Thang" a 1980 cut by The Invisible Man's Band, a group composed of members of The Five "Oooh Child" Stairsteps. You can't hear nothing this fonky on the radio no mo..

This 80s jam from Aurra. Or where they Deja by then?

I STILL have this on vinyl: Unlimited Touch, "Searching to Find the One" from 1981.

Next: "This Beat is Mine" by Vicky D.

Billy Ocean, 1980. Before he went mainstream and stuff in the mid 1980s. Makes me think of the old WDAI (Disco 'DAI) in Chicago.

And we close out with Carly Simon. Carly Simon? Yep. Produced by Chic (you can tell when you hear it.) Believe it or not, I found this years ago in the basement of my (then) mother-in-law. And I swiped it! With permission, of course.

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TAGlover said...

Lee! I remember this cut! Carly Simon -- who I had in heavy rotation all thru (Catholic/suburban) high school -- keepin' it real. ;-)

Definitely, Chic is all over this: "Say our name, Carly!"