Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Club Soul Closet...

No video..we're gonna spin some wax today showcasing some early hip-hop/freestyle/dance/electro. If I don't, who will? Contemporary music stations play the Top 40 only; classic/oldies stations play the same [melonfarming] songs in 2009 that they played in 1979. If I hear "Heard it Through the Grapevine" or "Baby Love" one more time, I'm kicking the speaker in, whether the radio belongs to me or not...

Where was I? Oh. Some of these old jams still sound good, like C-Bank's "One More Shot" (click link above), replete with breaking-glass sound effects, tight production by synth wiz John Robie and melancholy vocals by lead singer Jenny Burton.

Hit the link below and check out C-Bank's "Get Wet"--dig the lyric "Get wet, or, my darling, I will do it myself." Well.

The late Sharon Redd, with "Beat the Street."

Here's Lime's "Babe, We're Gonna Love Tonight."

Remember this? "Must Be the Music," by Secret Weapon?

The NYC Peech Boyz' "Don't Make Me Wait."

The Peech Boyz again: "Life is Something Special" with the formidable Bernard Fowler--who is still in the game--handling vocals.

Blame me if you don't get any work done today. It's okay.

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Gaylon said...

man! i'm at a lost of words about you and the soul! "one more shot", "don't make me wait"...."kissing you" be really doing the dang thang!
and yes....mos def and will smith got some twins out there!

by the do you know when will smith has walked by?

he leaves fresh prints!