Monday, September 10, 2007

This 1980 album from the Invisible Man's Band contains one of my favorite records of all time: the 12" version of "All Night Thang", a hot bit of funk/soul/disco. It's got everything you needed in a record back then--a chant at the fade; disco whistles; a funky bassline..A great story about these guys: They are actually the grown-up members of the Five Stairsteps, the Chicago vocal group who blew-up in 1970 with "Ooh Child." They were unfairly compared to the a Jacksons because, well, there were 5 of them and they were related (they were the Burke family) and they were black. Anyway, they grew up and led by Keni Burke--a fine vocalist and a doubly fine bass player--they put out this album. Get "All Night Thang" if you can find it. The album cover has been a bit of a mystery to me. Did the guy in background slap her down (she's kinda holding her jaw) or is she just looking up at him? Why is she on a tiled floor? Never mind. Get the record.

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