Monday, October 19, 2009

Frank's Place

"Frank's Place" was a brilliant sitcom that aired for a season on CBS beginning in 1987. The show starred Tim Reid as Boston professor Frank Parish who moves to New Orleans after inheriting a Crescent City restaurant from a father he hadn't seen in decades.

The show was prematurely canceled by CBS for low-ratings, leaving behind 28 episodes of one of the most witty and sophisticated comedies on TV; a fine ensemble of actors in a production that, if made today, would be a stinging rebuke to the juvenile whoopin', hollerin,' neck rolling and assorted black sitcom coonery on TV right now.

The show's not on DVD, which is a shame. But the clips here provide a sense of the show's tone and direction.


Piston said...

This is one of the obscure show's that I thought everybody had forgotten about. That show was supposed to be Tim Reid's break away series after his stint on Simon and Simon.

Maureen O'Donnell said...

Lee, I loved this show, particularly the casting of Daphne Maxwell-Reid as the beautiful mortician.