Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Sylvers

A reader suggested I post some clips of The Sylvers. I think she was suggesting this as penance for putting up that clip of Celine Dion singing "Bad" while dressed as MJ. So I'll post two Sylvers, a Debarge and a Five Stairsteps and hope for absolution.

And the Five Stairsteps (singing live!)

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Wayne said...

"Boogie Fever" and "Hot Line" really don't give a newbie the proper insight into the Sylvers' catalog. While those two singles were huge hits for the siblings, their self written material was much better, more mature, and really highlighted the group's amazing harmonies. "Fool's Paradise," "Wish I Could Talk to You," "Free Style," "We Can Make It If We Try, " "Don't Stop, Get Off," "Star Fire," and "Come Back Lover, Come Back" are much better tunes than those two Freddie Perren produced bubblegum tracks.